Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Those who know me personally know that 2012 was a really rough year from many angles. Loss, frustration, illness all bombarded us and our friends/family, particularly in the last half of the year. But I will not let that define me. We are already stronger - as a family, as a couple, as friends. We will continue to grow, to face any trials that we encounter this year. But I am optimistic that this year will be a good year. Josh will continue to discover his adult self. Seth will become confident in his diabetes management as well as excelling at school and in his music ventures. Jason will find the best treatment for his newly-discovered type 1.5 and continue to excel in teaching. I will regain control of some things I have left unattended the last few months, and enjoy my new adventures in my digital classroom. I am hoping to resume swimming soon, but I would hate to be mistaken again for a New Year's resolutioner. I may wait until February....ha!

May your 2013 be a wonderful year filled with love, happiness, and good health!

And just because I think every blog should have a picture, here is my cute little fat dog roasting herself by the fire.

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  1. May the Thompsons have a much better 2013!! Love from the Watsons..