Saturday, October 12, 2013

So many new diagnoses

I tried to write this a few weeks ago, but the emotions were so raw I couldn't even get it started.  For a period of a few days, everywhere I turned there was a new diagnosis.  The pharmacist's great nephew, a child my parents know from church, siblings of kids previously diagnosed, and parents of children with type 1.  Everywhere, both in real life and in the DOC.  Pair that with being around the time of Seth's diagnosis and it kinda made me a mess.
Since Seth's diaversary (anniversary of his diagnosis) there have been even more. A family in a nearby town is a new member of this terrible club. Their toddler was diagnosed last month. A facebook friend messaged me to pray for her friend's daughter, who is in a diabetic coma. She was just diagnosed last week and if I understood correctly has not come out of the coma yet.
Add to all that stories (and fake stories) of children dying in their sleep and because of being misdiagnosed and it has been a rough few weeks emotionally. It surrounds me, consumes me.
But through it all, we persevere. The stakes are too high to drop our guard. If I must be a member of this awful club, then I will be thankful that the other club members are really pretty awesome people. They are walking the same journey, experiencing many of the same things. They understand the trials, the emotions, the sleepless nights. What we really need is a cure. Until that day comes, I will continue to surround myself with others that are on the same journey. Together, we are stronger than we are alone. Together, we will KDA.

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