Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Christmas in Texas?

It snowed HARD yesterday. Reports vary as to how long it has been since we have had a white Christmas, but I honestly can't remember one. Ice, yes. Snow, no. But it snowed a large portion of the afternoon. Thankfully, we were prepared to spend the night with my parents. Plenty of extra insulin, a change of clothes, etc. Traveling with diabetics is almost like travelling with a baby again. We can't just pick up and leave spontaneously. The list of supplies has to be checked then checked again. It would be catastrophic to forget anything.
After 2 days of travel and eating with different parts of the family, I would classify the holiday as a success. Blood sugars stayed under 400 for both of my guys. I would have liked them to have been lower, but it was Christmas! No real restrictions on what they ate, so I expected them to run high, even with extra injections. Some foods are just hard to calculate, but we continue to learn.

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