Monday, May 12, 2014


Seth was sick last night.  I was up most of the night making sure his blood sugar stayed in a safe range.  My mind automatically went to this story....

It happened again a little over a week ago...a life cut short by type 1 diabetes.  This time, it was close to home.  Nicole's family lives less than an hour from us. I have no details, other than she died in her sleep.  About 5-6% of all children and young adults with type 1 diabetes die in their sleep.  That sounds pretty rare, and it is.  But it is enough to cause many sleepless nights for d-parents.

Nicole was a huge fan of the band One Direction.  She had tickets to attend their concert this summer.  After she passed, her sister began a campaign on Twitter to ask the band to dedicate a song to Nicole at that concert.  I hope they do.  Nothing good can come of a child dying from this terrible disease.  We can only hope that awareness can be raised.  Awareness of how terrible this disease really is.  Awareness that we desperately need a cure.

I don't want to sound all gloom and doom.  We have a good life.  Seth and I were discussing just a few days ago that for the most part diabetes is just an inconvenience in life.  Some days are rough, like last night.  But most days are just regular days, interrupted only by the nuisance of carb counting, blood testing, and insulin injecting. A cure would relieve us of those inconveniences, as well as rid us of the constant fear lurking in the background.  But until that happens, we will continue to KDA every day.

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