Friday, November 27, 2015

Post-Thanksgiving Lows

We don't do Black Friday shopping, so today we slept in. I woke up at 8 to LOW on Dex. No alarm from Nightscout. Does it look like compression low? No. 

I rushed to his room. Didn't even wait to watch for breathing. Touched his arm. It was cold, so I rubbed it and he woke up. Huge sigh of relief. I looked at the receiver and the sensor had been stopped. Why did you stop the sensor? Shrug. Are you low? No. He pointed to the juice box trash beside the bed. Not sure how many are from last night.

I noticed the sensor sitting there. Why did you pull your sensor? Another shrug.

I waited for my heart to restart then slept a bit more while I had the chance. 

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Diabetes Awareness and Thankfulness

November is diabetes awareness month.  It is also Thanksgiving month, so many people do 30 days of thankfulness.  For 3 years, I've tried to resolve those 2 things in my mind. Sure, I'm thankful for insulin, glucose meters, Dexcom, and all those other things that make this disease more manageable than it has ever been.  But can I find something about the disease itself to be thankful for?  That's where I've struggled.  How can you be thankful for a chronic life-threatening illness?

Then I heard this song:

It describes so perfectly what life has been like the last 3 years.  We are so thankful every day for another day.  It would be poor manners to tell someone else that they aren't promised another day, but I can tell myself!

Our family has always valued our time together, but since diagnosis that time has been even more precious.  We've taken a couple of weekend trips as a family and even took a vacation last year, something we hadn't done in a very long time. We all worked together this past summer.  Jason and I teach at the same school, and the boys attend the same college. They even have a class together.  So yes, we are embracing living life and loving each other every day, more than ever before.  There aren't many things to be thankful for with diabetes, but I think living life to the fullest every single day is a pretty great thing!

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