Sunday, April 21, 2013

State testing

The final round of TAKS testing is this week. The last group of juniors that have to pass this test before they can graduate.  Don't worry, the tests are being replaced with other even more ridiculous tests. Sophomores started that new round of tests, the STAAR tests, last year. Unless the Texas state legislature makes some changes soon, high school students will need to pass 15 tests to graduate rather than the current 4. 
What does this have to do with diabetes? This is Seth's first year to have to take these tests with diabetes. In the past, he has excelled at TAKS tests, scoring at the commended level on most of them. How does diabetes change that? Hopefully, it won't. But here are the possibilities:

1. He could have high blood sugar on testing day, making him feel sluggish and have trouble focusing. He would need to stop and check his blood sugar and give himself an injection, if necessary. 
2. His blood sugar could go low at any point, making it difficult for him to focus as well. He would need to stop during the test to check his blood sugar and treat it, if needed.
3. The change of schedule for testing day could cause either of the above, since his snack/meal schedule won't be the same as a regular school day.
4. ??? The unknown. You just never know what might happen.  I know that's true in all parts of life, but particularly with type 1 diabetes.

Seth hasn't had any problems with any type of tests all year. I don't expect any this week.  But with D, you just never really know. We have to be prepared for as many possibilities as we can, no matter how likely they are. It's the only way to KDA.

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