Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Prescription refills made easy?

Our pharmacy is about to make my head spin off my body. It's the pharmacy our insurance requires us to use.  Up until now, we haven't had any problems with them. I have all 16 of our prescriptions on the same refill cycle, and I refill them all at the same time. I can even pick the day that is most convenient for me. One trip to the pharmacy every 90 days. The app tells me when they are eligible for refill, and the pharmacy will contact the doctor for renewal when prescriptions expire. Sounds great, right? It was until this cycle. 

Last week, before I was able to order refills, I got a text that my prescription was ready. Um, I didn't order it yet, but ok. One was at the wrong pharmacy. Hmmmm, the mystery increases. Not a huge problem, though. It's the store closer to our house. We usually use the one closer to work, but I can (hopefully) work that out later. I ordered the rest of the refills on the app, then checked the next day to make sure they had gotten renewals of expired prescriptions from the doctors. Check.

Yesterday, I was finally able to pick up the one I didn't order. I asked how that might have happened, not mad just confused, but they had no idea. Then I remembered one of the prescriptions said it was on hold. I've never had that happen before. They weren't sure about that either, and suggested I call the other store to find out.

I called the store where we normally fill everything this morning. They really couldn't explain why that one prescription was on hold. The only suggestion was that maybe the doctor sent the prescription before insurance would allow the refill. I'm pretty sure the app won't let me order early, but I didn't feel like arguing. I ordered it, and got a text this afternoon that it's ready to pick up. So, we're just waiting on one more that says 'in process.' Hopefully it will be ready tomorrow, and hopefully this whole thing will go more smoothly in 90 days. This is exhausting! 

This is our typical 90-day order. 

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