Wednesday, July 13, 2016

If I'm talking, I'm fine. Right?

So this happened at lunch today.

This morning we had swim practice. I am helping Jason coach a summer technique class, which has been awesome. Jason had to work until noon at the pool, so I just hung out waiting. We actually decided ahead of time what we wanted for lunch, so we injected our insulin ahead of time to minimize the blood sugar spike (called a prebolus). But then a parent wanted to talk to him at the pool before we left. Then traffic was awful and we couldn't get out of the parking lot. We finally made it to the place we had picked for lunch, ordered what we had already decided on, and had a short wait for our food. My Dexcom showed I was slightly headed down, which I expected and was what I wanted. Just as our food arrived, the shakiness started, followed by the sweating. Jason suggested I test, because Dex was indicating I was in the 70s. I shouldn't be feeling low. Test...39. Wow, no wonder my vision was shaky. I realized I was babbling. I tend to do that when I'm nervous. We decided if I'm talking then I must be ok. Right?

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