Saturday, August 24, 2013

A year of firsts, a year of lasts

One year ago today, type 1 diabetes officially entered our life. This past year has been a year of firsts. It's almost like starting over. There was the first day of school, the first football game, the first overnight practice with his band, the first restaurant meal, the first time back at church, the first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter, the first birthday, the first day at work. Of course, he had done all of those things before, but not with diabetes.  Every experience with diabetes is brand new, as if they had never been done before.
We are now beginning a year of lasts that has nothing to do with diabetes.....last summer band rehearsal,  last summer assignments,  last first day of school, last pep rally, etc. Senior year officially begins on Monday. I know many parents are sad for their "babies" to be seniors, but I am not.  He is a senior, meaning he is still alive.  He is kicking diabetes' ass every day. Every day. Will I get misty-eyed throughout the year? Sure. Senior year is an emotional time for not only the seniors but also their parents. I intend to cherish every tear and enjoy every moment. One year later I am still grateful for every morning that he wakes up, every day he makes it until bedtime, and every "normal" moment in between.
We are trying to get to the place where diabetes only gets the minimum attention it requires. It doesn't rule our lives, it's just an annoying hitch hiker along for the ride. Today, we celebrate life by doing the things Seth loves to do: sleeping late, Endless Shrimp, and cake.  Tomorrow,  we go back to life as we know it. It really has become our new normal.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

One year ago today

One year ago today, I knew very little about type 1 diabetes.

One year ago today, I had a very sick child. 

One year ago today, I was relieved when the doctor said it was a mono-like virus.

One year ago today, there were no finger sticks or shots a minimum of 4 times a day.

One year ago today, I went to bed at night without the fear of my child dying in the night from severe low blood sugar.

One year ago today, I didn't know just how strong my child is.

One year ago today, I had no idea how strong I am. 

One year ago today, we had no idea how much our lives would change in the next 48 hours.

I don't have a picture from one year ago today, but this one is year and 3 days ago,  when we first really noticed how sick he was.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getting away, Part 2

I wanted to update everyone on our trip. It was great! Blood sugars ran a touch high for both of my guys, but I'll take it! Several people wanted to know what the event was all about, so I'll do my best to describe it. Our lives do not revolve around diabetes, but they pretty much revolve around lifeguarding during the summer.

We were able to eat some good seafood and go to the beach before the games started. We also drilled the team with first aid flash cards pretty late the night before.

We overslept the morning of the competition.  The hotel room alarm clock was set on radio, not alarm. Not on a radio station. And at lowest volume.  So, the start of our day was a bit frantic. The team got there on time; they were in their own vehicle.  We got there a little bit late, but before the opening ceremonies.

First event was CPR. It was pretty straightforward. The team just had to demonstrate their knowledge of CPR skills. 

The 2nd event was first aid. Each team member had a different "victim" and each victim had 2 things that needed attention.

Next, there were 2 in-water scenarios. No instructions were given. The lifeguards had to assess the situations and respond appropriately.  The first scenario had a spinal injury, 2 shadows in the pool to find, and an asthma attack. Possibly something else I didn't catch. It goes quick!

The last scenario had multiple victims as well. Choking, passing out in the water, active drowning were all in this scenario. Again, there was probably something I missed.

It was a fantastic experience, and I hope to be able to go again next year!

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