Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, Fresh Start

I've been absent from blogging for a while, and today seems like a great day to get back to it!

First and foremost - Seth was featured in the blog Happy Medium last Monday!  Stephen is doing a series of blog posts about Champion Athletes with Diabetes.  You can read his awesome article here.  I'm so proud of Seth and his accomplishments. Thank you Stephen, for recognizing these awesome type 1 athletes!  Leave a comment on Stephen's blog thanking him, if you don't mind. And read the others in his series.  There are some type 1 athletes out there seriously KDA every day!

Second - last semester in school was really difficult.  Jason and I were both taking a graduate chemistry course and it pretty much consumed every spare second.  Also, starting back at the beginning of the school year, Jason is now the swim coach for our campus (assistant coach for the district). That takes quite a bit of our time as well.  Grad school is over, at least for now, so hopefully I can get back to regular posts.  As I'm sure you know, diabetes has not been silent or easy these last few months, so I have lots to tell!

As a preview (and because I think every post needs a picture), here's a pic from our recent vacation.  Cruising with diabetes is definitely a challenge, but what isn't with diabetes tagging along?  That's just one of the things I have coming up to write about!

Happy 2015!  May it be the best year yet!

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