Monday, January 21, 2013

Diabetes, drumming, and dozing

Friends often ask how I can stand to listen to Seth drumming every day.  You see,  he is in not one,  but 2, local bands in addition to high school band and jazz band. He loves to drum and he is very good. But it is loud. Some days I have to ask him to stop before he is finished, but generally I just let him practice as much as he wants. Why? It's great exercise and helps keep his blood sugar in a good range.  But even more..... he doesn't think about diabetes when he is drumming.  So I let him drum.

I have also discovered that I can nap while he drums.  Sounds weird,  but I think I figured it out. When I was pregnant with Seth,  Josh was 2. I was exhausted all the time,  so when I needed a nap I would give him a toy that made noise. If the noise stopped, I woke up. Not a fantastic parenting technique, but one that arose out of necessity. Now I am finding myself doing the same thing 16 years later. I can sleep while he drums. The noise means he is ok. When it stops, I wake up.

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  1. I use that same parenting technique! It makes total sense to me. I think it means we are awesome moms. :)

    1. If you do it too, then we totally are awesome moms!