Monday, January 28, 2013

Good friends

They say good friends are hard to find, but I have been blessed with so many! My kids have been blessed with good friends as well. Seth has a few friends that are really special to me.

Seth has lived across the street from us for almost 6 years, but the boys have known each other almost 10. They not only have the same first name, but identical initials. Their birthdays are 4 days apart. To avoid confusion, we call him Steve (funny story for another day). Why is he such a great friend? Steve's dad is t1, so he knows. He just knows. But he never treats Seth differently nor is he afraid to be around him. He is the same friend he was before diagnosis. T1 parents know that is huge.

Brian is a friend from church, and he also plays in a band with Seth.  He also has never treated Seth differently because of diabetes. He willingly learned what signs he needed to watch for, as well as how to use Glucagon. His mom is a nurse, so she quizzed him to make sure he had it down.

Jordan is also a friend from church, and in the same band. He was the first friend to come visit Seth after he got home from the hospital. That will always stay with me. Jordan's dad was his first visitor in the hospital. They are just a really special family. Jordan's mom told me the other day that the band plays a game they call Pass the Seth. They hook together 4 of those little rolly carts from elementary PE, and Seth lays down on them. The boys take turns grabbing him by the feet and flinging him across the gym to another person. Maybe a little dangerous, but so fun! A normal teen thing.

The drumline at school, the DI team, church friends, there are many friends surrounding my kiddo.  We are truly blessed. With the support of so many wonderful friends, he will KDA.

Seth, Steve,  and Josh playing video games. 

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  1. It sure does make life a little easier to have people around who get it, doesn't it?