Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Quest for Insulin

Jason's insulin dose has been undergoing massive changes recently. His doctor started him out conservatively, but they have made several increases the last few weeks. Because of that, he realized on Thursday night that he would run out of insulin over the weekend. So, he called the pharmacy Friday morning. The insurance company wouldn't pay for the refill until Monday.  No problem, the doctor authorized an increase in the dose. Problem solved, right?

Wrong! The insulin the pharmacy had was expired, but being the awesome pharmacist she is, she transferred the prescription to the Wal-Mart pharmacy nearest Jason's work. Problem solved.

Wrong again! When he got there after work, they were out of it! So they called several other stores in the area and located the precious insulin he needs to live. I got home from work and off we went to a neighboring town. We stood in line, and when it was his turn they had no record of him in the computer. I was beginning to get a little anxious. Then the pharmacist had a thought....did they perhaps call the Neighborhood Market? He looked it up, and sure enough that's where it was. And we actually had time to get there before they closed. We made it, bought the insulin,  then had a lovely dinner together. Whew! It's hard work to KDA!

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  1. Crazy! Glad the pharmacists seemed to be working hard for you. But having expired meds? Hmmm!

    1. Yeah very unusual for her! I'm guessing it just expired or expires the end of this month.