Sunday, September 4, 2016

Death of a sensor

The topic of sensor life comes up fairly often in various diabetes-related Facebook groups. One question that comes up is how do you know when a sensor is done? Well, today I have no doubt my sensor is completely done. It was fine this morning...only 4 points off from my fingerstick. Within an hour or so, it was telling me I was 53⬇but I knew that wasn't right. I had just eaten breakfast. Fingerstick showed I was 157, which sounds about right considering what I had for breakfast, time, etc. I gave it a little time to straighten up, but after 4 hours it was still wonky (alternating between ??? and far off numbers) so I pulled it. It gave me 3 weeks of great readings and an abrupt ending. Can't complain too much about that! Here's hoping the new one is just as good.

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