Friday, January 4, 2013

The 'firsts' start all over

After diagnosis, the 'firsts' start all over.....the first day of school, the first holidays, the first everything. Diabetes colors everything, and many things need to be adapted or relearned. However, Seth refuses to let it define who he is. It's just something he has to deal with.
At diagnosis, Seth was just discovering the independence of young adulthood. How do we preserve his independence, yet keep him safe as he learns self management? Not a simple task! He hasn't learned how to feel his lows consistently yet, so being alone just isn't safe. One thing I have done is give his friends a crash course in emergency care (low treatments, low signs, glucagon). Hopefully I haven't scarred any of them too bad.
Which brings me back to 'firsts.' Seth had his 'first' overnight away from us the other night. He plays in a local Christian rock band, and they are getting ready to record. They LOVE doing overnight rehearsals. I know 2 of the boys pretty well, parents were nearby, and it's a normal activity for my kid. I tried not to text too much, but just checked in a couple of times. He tested several times during the night, and everything was good. They even had an outing to Long John Silver's for dinner. Normal teenager stuff. In the type 1 world, that is huge.

Just one more step in our quest to KDA.

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