Sunday, December 9, 2012

Random thoughts on diabetes and life

I haven't posted in a while. Life without diabetes was busy, but with it, it's relentless. Here are just some random thoughts and occurrences from the last couple of weeks.
*God is good. He didn't give my child diabetes; that's just part of our fallen world. But He had provided for us in countless ways, some even YEARS in advance. One example: several years ago, Jason was a bit of a job drifter. He was struggling to find his next career. He tried selling insurance for a while. Because of that, Seth has a life insurance policy that can be converted to an individual policy when he becomes an adult. No medical questions. Wow!
*Seth has an escape. When he is playing his drums, he isn't thinking about diabetes. So I let him drum away. It also helps with his blood sugar. It's always lower after he had been drumming a while. I don't have an escape yet; I am ALWAYS thinking about it. So I am a little jealous and that makes me feel guilty. He is the one that has to live with it every second of his life. He deserves a few minutes every day when he isn't thinking about it.

*People ask frequently how Seth is doing and if his numbers have stabilized. It's really hard to explain over and over that there's no such thing for a type 1. His numbers will ALWAYS fluctuate wildly. I really appreciate people asking how he is doing. Really. It shows they care. But there is no short answer to that question. I usually just say that his attitude about it is amazing and leave it at that unless it's someone who truly wants to know the whole answer.
*I have realized that the amount of insulin he needs isn't an indication of how good a job we are doing. His body needs what it needs. Period. No shame or anything negative in increasing his dose. It's literally life support.
*Sometimes there is a pattern in the numbers, sometimes there's not. I look for patterns almost obsessively, hoping to figure it out. I am learning from parents that have been doing this much longer than I have that there sometimes is no rhyme or reason to the numbers. Treat the number and move on.
*We got Team Seth awareness bracelets. I think it has really helped him to see how many people are standing behind him in this fight. If you have said you wanted one and haven't gotten it yet, I will send them as soon as I can. My intentions were to have them mailed already, but getting to the post office is hard when they are only open during school hours.

*Yes, every conversation I have these days revolves around diabetes. Be patient with me. I will eventually be able to have regular conversations again. I have been told that, so I am choosing to believe it. We were told to give everything 6 months; it has been just over 3.
Like I said, pretty random thoughts. That's how life has been recently. It will get better.

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  1. It sounds like you have a great support system! That's a marvelous blessing when going through such a life-changing event like this. I love the bracelets! It seems like a great way to help people to feel even more connected!

    1. We have an amazing support system of friends and family. Thanks for taking the time not only to read but to comment!