Thursday, October 18, 2012

What time is it?

If you ever need to know what time it is, ask someone with type 1 diabetes. Our life now revolves around the clock. Testing, injections, meals, snacks all perfectly timed. Until there is a schedule change. Yesterday was one of those changes. Seth took the PSAT at school, and the schedule was nothing like his regular school day.
First, the teacher in his testing room was a new teacher that neither of us knew. Would Seth have to fight for his scheduled snack? He carries a copy of his management plan with him...would that be enough? So we came up with the first part of the plan: get there a little early and talk to the teacher. If there were questions, he would then have time to call the nurse.
Second, lunch was an hour and a half later than normal. Would he go low in that time? So we decided to make his snack a bit later to avoid that. I also checked his bag for Skittles and a juice box, just in case. What to take for lunch? He wouldn't be able to come to my room like normal to heat up his food, so we had to plan something that didn't need heating up.  The directions for the teachers were not to let the students take belongings to lunch with them. Would it be an issue taking his supplies with him?
All worked out fine, as I was sure it would. He was a little high at lunch, but that is to be expected on test days, I understand. We had so many things to consider that I had never thought of before, but we planned and it worked. When exit level TAKS rolls around in April, I think we will be prepared!

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  1. It's a whole new world, isn't it? Seth is so lucky that you are seeing after him! So many kids don't have parents like you. Hang in there!