Monday, October 22, 2012

Sometimes it's just life

3 times today, I thought diabetes was to blame when it wasn't. Sigh.
1) During first period, I got an email alert that Seth was marked absent. Mini heart attack...I knew he rode to school with me and knows better than to skip class! Was he passed out in the bathroom or something? Calm down, call his teacher. Teacher was clearly confused...Seth is here, oh wait, I marked the wrong person absent. I have done that so many times.
2) Seth comes in to fix his lunch. He looks upset. Maybe he is low. I got my class started, then walked back to the prep room to check on him. Meter read 97, so not low. I asked what's wrong, he said he is tired, didn't sleep well. Which lead to #3.
3) Me: You weren't high last night.
Seth: No, I don't think that was it. I just had trouble going to sleep.
Me: Yeah, I have trouble falling asleep sometimes, especially on Sunday nights. (Maybe an ok save?)
Later we talked about how lots of teens seem to have trouble falling asleep, and suggestions I have read that should help. We'll see, I guess!
Oh, and we didn't make it a 3rd day in range. But he was BARELY out of range tonight. Still a win.

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