Saturday, September 28, 2013

Storage and disposal

Figuring out how to store and dispose of all the diabetes "stuff" is a big challenge. Most type 1 parents seem to build up a stash of supplies in case of emergencies, and I've been working on that for a while. 

Insulin was taking over our fridge. There was no room in the butter compartment for 4 boxes of insulin pens, so they are in the meat/cheese drawer. As the supply grew, the room for meat and cheese shrunk. So....when we got some handy little organizers from Sanofi, I moved the "stash" insulin to the extra fridge.  The system is still a work in progress. 

We also have lots of plastic storage carts in our house. All over the place. The system on the left is all manner of snacks and low supplies. I need another cart to stack on top. Notice the latches...the dog figured out how to open the drawers and was having a snacking good time while we were at school. Top right is Dexcom supplies (for Eddie and Little Steve). Bottom right is glucagon, chargers, test strips, pen needles,  etc. We have a pretty good supply of all those right now. We'll need another cart if anyone decides to start pumping.

I was curious just how much trash we generated each week just for diabetes.  Turns out, it's about a gallon.  That's a gallon jar stuffed about as tight as I can get it.  They didn't throw away very many boxes that week either, just one pen needle box and maybe a test strip box. That's a lot of trash!

This is the daily supply center. It used to be a wine rack, now it holds all the daily use supplies....meters, pen needles, lancets, insulin pens, log books, etc. To the right are our fancy sharps containers,  and the food scale.   

Finally, the D bags. These are the mobile supply centers that go everywhere. They contain meters, insulin pens, pen needles, snacks, low supplies, and glucagon. Both guys chose a backpack with a great pocket in the front. It's not an actual diabetes bag, but a tech-friendly backpack. They like it because they only have to keep up with one bag. 

So there ya go. Everything you ever wanted to know about how we store diabetes supplies. 

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  1. It's amazing how much stuff we have to house. Crazy! Love the D bags. Where did you get them?

    1. We got the bags at Walmart, believe it or not! Lots of pockets, with room for D stuff and school stuff.