Saturday, September 7, 2013

Making Lemonade

I am a glass half-full/silver lining/making lemonade kind of girl. It has been incredibly hard for me to find the positives since Seth's diagnosis.  The DOC (diabetes online community) is an incredible positive. Someone is always there to answer questions,  give support,  or just listen. I participate in the DOC in several ways: blogging (reading and writing), Twitter,  a couple of Facebook groups, and my favorite The support, advice, information, etc has been vital to my survival this past year but I still struggle to make lemonade out of the stupid diabetes lemons.

Grasping at straws, I know, but here's a little bit of lemonade: Seth has had a positive impact on 3, yes 3, adult type 1 men.

1) I've written about Jason's diagnosis before here and here. The information I learned after Seth's diagnosis quite possibly saved his life.

2) Seth has a friend whose dad is type 1. He was diagnosed around 12, I'm thinking. He has never really taken great care of his diabetes, much to his wife's dismay. In fact, he has been using pretty much the same insulin regimen for much of the last 30 years. After Seth's diagnosis,  he updated his diabetes management,  moving to more modern insulin theray. AND, he recently started pumping.  He feels better, and I know how happy his wife must be. His son has told me several times how happy he is to see his dad taking better care of himself.

3) Jason has a friend that was diagnosed with type 1 in college.  He was one of the first people to visit Seth in the hospital. I don't know him well, but that meant so much to me. By his own admission,  he is a bad diabetic.  He doesn't test often, only when he feels bad. He knows his blood sugar numbers are high most of the time, but hasn't really worked to change it. After I posted on Facebook about Jason and Seth getting their Dexcom G4 systems, this friend called Jason to ask him about it, ordered it the next day, and started using it a couple of days ago. He wants to improve his management!

I hate type 1 diabetes every day, but seeing some positive things happening helps me deal with it just a little bit better. I cling to the hope that every day is one day closer to a cure!

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