Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meet the Cyborgs

We have 2 new members of the family. They haven't earned their names yet, but I'm sure they will very soon.

They were delivered on Tuesday.

Seth was super excited!
Jason was a little unsure.
Different colors so we can keep them straight.
This is the sensor with the inserter. Looks kinda wicked.
Jason's sensor/transmitter. 
Seth did his own insertion.  He is a rock star!!!

First 24 hour graphs. J on top, S on bottom.
The 2nd day. Jason fixed his breakfast spike!
After 5 days with the Dexcom G4 systems, I can say life is already better. I can't honestly say I'm sleeping more, but I'm sleeping better. When I wake up at night, I check both receivers then go right back to sleep if we have steady arrows. Friday night, both of them rode just above the low line all night.  Before Dex, I'd have woken them up for snacks. Since I could see they were holding steady, I was able to sleep. 

Life with type 1 diabetes is hard, but Dexcom makes it just a little bit more manageable.  

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