Sunday, November 11, 2012

How important is math?

A student asked me the other day if I really used math outside of school. I answered that yes I do, every day. She wanted to know how, so I explained that my son has an illness that requires us to calculate the carbs in every bite of food he eats, and to calculate his medicine to match the food. Her response? "I would die then." I assured her that if her life depended on it, she would learn math quickly. She didn't seem so sure.
We had similar thing happen in our last diabetes education class. The lady sitting behind us was beside herself trying to calculate her son's insulin to carb ratio. She was very frustrated, to say the least. Jason turned around to help her, ever the teacher. He patiently explained it to her again, but when we left that day, I wasn't convinced she knew how to do it. Thankfully, I heard her say she had a friend that could help her. And she will do what she needs to do in order to care for her child. That's what good parents do. We do it so that our kids can live a reasonably normal life, and do things they love, like this:

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