Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Show Me Your Pump

Most of the time, Seth and Jason don't care about their Dexcom sensor showing.  In the summer, they both work as lifeguards (Jason is a pool manager in the summer) so their sensor is pretty much always showing.  The questions are pretty much nonstop at the pool, people asking what it is.  Neither of them really mind telling people what it is, otherwise they would wear it under their swimsuit somewhere.  But they do sometimes get tired of answering the same question over and over.  Depending on who asks and how, the answer may be humorous. (I always make them answer sincere questions with the real answer.  Buzzkill, I know.)

Enter Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison.  She wore her insulin pump ON STAGE during the SWIMSUIT portion of the competition.  Well, she actually wore it during the entire thing, but the swimsuit competition was the only time it was really visible.  In a place where appearance is pretty much everything, this brave young lady wore a visible medical device.  Wow!  I am just blown away by her bravery.  She also started a hashtag on social media, #showmeyourpump.  It's kinda gone crazy, with people posting pictures not only of their pumps, but also of other medical devices.  She is empowering people!  How cool is that???

Anyway, back to my guys.  Their reach is nowhere near that of Miss Idaho, but I have no doubt they are influencing someone with their openness.  Medical devices of all kinds are not easy to wear, and even less easy to wear in the open.  But these devices are what make a more normal life possible. It takes brave people that aren't afraid to show those devices to make them more visible/acceptable to the public.  Brave public figures like Sierra Sandison, and all the regular people that just wear their devices in everyday life like Jason and Seth.

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  1. This is awesome. I'm glad they are wearing their devices proudly!!

  2. I wrote about the same thing today...great minds think alike :)

  3. I don't think Sierra wore the pump to make a point or start a movement, but that's just what happened.... and I'm so glad it did!

    1. I agree, I don't think she did it to make a point or start a movement either. But it's been phenomenal to watch what has happened!

  4. Good for them! I would be answering humorously quite often.

  5. I love this post ... and I love Sierra ... here picture is every where!


  6. I LOVE this post! And I LOVE those pictures of your guys in action :)

    My daughter also wears her devices (or toasters, as Kerri would say) proudly out in the open. YAY!!!

  7. Check! I'll have to check out some of those "humorous" answers too!

  8. Love the pics! Glad they are "loud and proud" so to speak. Hopefully it will inspire others.