Saturday, June 7, 2014

Graduation Day #2 - The Real Deal

Last Tuesday was Seth's high school graduation.  It started out a little rough.

It wasn't quite this high (confirmed by finger stick) but still much higher than he typically is in the morning.  It took a huge correction a long time to kick in!  He spent most of the day out of range, but not crazy high.  Excitement?  Nerves? The Twinkie he had the night before?  Who knows?

Nanny (my mom) helped him fix his tie.  She gave him his first bath when he was a newborn and also stayed with him one night in the hospital when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  She's been there for everything!  She's pretty awesome.

Entering the arena

Getting his diploma

Proud parents and brother
The white stole is for being a Distinguished High School graduate.  The cords are for Destination Imagination.  The medal is his Eagle Scout medal.  3 amazing accomplishments from an amazing kid!  Diabetes may slow him down at times, but it isn't stopping him!  He is fierce and determined.

My 2 type 1s.  I love these goofy guys!

It was an amazing day!  There were a few very special people missing from our celebration, but it was just a great day with those who could make it.  I didn't shed a tear.  For real.  I just kept thinking that we almost lost him on August 24, 2012 and now he is graduating from high school.  What is there to be sad about?  I am proud beyond belief, but not one bit sad.  He is ready for the world.  I hope the world is ready for him!  KDA, kiddo!  KDA!

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  1. Congratulations! I am mostly impressed with the eagle scout pin ... my boys couldn't make it past cub scouts :)

  2. Thanks, Dolores! We have 3 Eagles in our house (husband and both boys). It was tough, but they did it!