Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adventures in Wisdom Teeth

Tomorrow marks another new adventure with type 1 diabetes....wisdom teeth removal.  Jason and I have both had ours removed, as has our older son.  But this is the first time we've experienced it with diabetes.
The oral surgeon was awesome at our consultation.  He had a plan for insulin management for the day: he wants Seth over 150 tomorrow morning, regular Lantus tonight but no Humalog in the morning (duh, no food), and they will have a glucose drip handy for his IV just in case. He also thought Dexcom was really cool and saw that it would be a useful tool during the procedure.

I've been to the store, so I think we have all the soft foods on hand that we may need.  Mashed potatoes, yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna, ice cream, popsicles (regular and sugar free), pudding, jello (regular and sugar free), and Powerade (regular and sugar free).  We've picked up his antibiotic and pain pills from the pharmacy.  What have I forgotten?  If you notice anything, please comment!  We still have tonight to pick anything up.  Otherwise, I guess we're ready for tomorrow.  Ready to KDA in yet another new area.

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  1. Anesthesia. When we talked with the oral surgeon about this procedure for our oldest, she was concerned about the anesthesia making her sick to her stomach. He assured her the way he would do it should not be a concern.

    None of our family have T1D, however a friend of mine has an 11 yo daughter and from what she's shared vomitting is really difficult on the sugar levels. (Incidentally, they are heading to KS next week to get a DAD (Diabetic Alert Dog)!

    1. I have major issues with anesthesia, but not nausea. I just don't wake up. The oral surgeon has been fully informed about my reactions. They are doing twilight sedation, not full anesthesia, so hopefully there won't be any problems.
      Yes, vomiting is rough on blood sugar. We'll ask about something for it.
      I hope they love their DAD! I've heard great things.