Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sick again

The pukes hit our house again today. I went down to the nurse's office for something this morning and Seth was in there.

Me: What's wrong?
Seth: I threw up.
Me: Want me to call your brother to come get you?
Seth: Yes, please.

After I called Josh and signed Seth out in the office, I texted Jason the grocery list. We already had ramen, chicken noodle soup, sugar free popsicles, etc. Here's the rest of the sick day list:

Yep, when a type 1 is puking, you need regular and diet of everything. You never know if they'll go low or high!

The puking has stopped, but I know there are lots of extra blood sugar checks in the next day or 2, along with some ketone checks. Hopefully we can avoid the wicked lows he experienced last time he had a tummy bug. Insulin will probably have to be reduced for a few days.  Who knows for sure??? Nothing with d is normal. Nothing. But we fight on and KDA!

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  1. Hi Cassie,

    I just realized that I know you from TOFN! We follow each other on pinterest and I've come across your blog before. Small world! Just thought I'd say hi. I love you blog! It sounds like Seth is doing great with his diabetes. I hope he's back to normal since that tummy bug!


    1. It is a small world! Wow! I'm glad you like my blog. Seth is doing AMAZING! He recovered from the tummy bug much faster than I did. Thank you!