Sunday, February 17, 2013


Food is a somewhat controversial topic in the type 1 community. Some people greatly restrict carb intake, others don't. We are in the 'don't' camp. We just make sure we are eating healthy meals with lots of veggies (those have carbs too, by the way) and count every carb! The insulin must match the carbs. Even then, it's no guarantee they will stay in range. Diabetes really has no rhyme or reason, nor does it play by any rules. The same exact meal can produce different results on different days. Jason and Seth tend to react similar to the same foods, but not always. It hurts my logical brain some days. Ok, most days.

Here's an example of a meal. Keep in mind Jason is 6'9" and Seth is a 6'6"ish growing teenager, so it's more food than most people eat.

When there is a special occasion or event, Seth eats cake, ice cream etc. Just like every other kid. His pancreas doesn't work, and it's not his fault.He just has to inject the insulin that other kids secrete naturally. Jason watches sweets more carefully, as all adults really should, but he isn't super restrictive either. It's such a change for him from the days he thought he was type 2! More difficult in most ways, easier in a few.

There are some food that are more off-limits. Regular soda and juice, especially at a restaurant, are almost impossible to calculate so they drink diet soda. We also keep sugar free jello cups on hand all the time. Otherwise, regular food. We just have to count Every. Single. Carb. I'll write more later about the calculating process and also how we order in restaurants.

Something that will blow your mind...a banana has about the same number of carbs as a cupcake. From an insulin standpoint, they are equal. Obviously they aren't from a health standpoint, but still. It's crazy that they need to inject the same amount of insulin for healthy fruit as a cupcake. But that's the way it is.

Ok, I think that's all I have for today. More next time! Until then, we will keep doing our best to KDA.

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